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Learn how to crush self doubt and activate unshakeable focus to achieve massive goals without stress and burnout

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Hi! I'm Divya Thampi...

I'm a corporate professional turned Smart productivity coach with a deep interest in helping working women transform their lives by turning their dreams into reality. I'm on a mission to help working women become powerful, influential and highly paid using the power of Smart Productivity System. Smart Productivity Tribe is a community for Growth oriented women who want to thrive in every area of life, without the stress and burnout.

Women Leadership

The world needs more women leaders and I am on a mission to help working women who value freedom & growth, to turn their dreams into reality.

Pesonal Productivity

I specialise in teaching people how they can manage their mind, your time and their life, so as to create an abundance in every area of their life.

Smart Productivity Tribe

I founded this community for working women who want to create an impact. They go through a systematic process that helps them achieve massive goals with confidence & grace.

Create Massive Clarity

Learn how to create a clear path towards success and the steps required to make progress

Build Confidence

Learn what it takes to overcome self doubt and take confident action towards massive goals

Simplify Process

Find out how to get rid of overwhelm by creating simplicity of process and get far more done in a fraction of the time it mormally takes you.

Cultivate Consistency

Learn how to develop the self discipline required to take consistent action that will get you the results you want to achieve.

How to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next masterclass to learn more and then get started on your journey to abundance!


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What Our Happy Customers Have To say

This community is one of action takers! And we create results that could have only been dreamt of before!

As a writer, I had the ideas, resources, confidence in my talent and potential due to past successes and yet I wasn’t showing up or regularly devoting time to the craft. Although I thought it was procrastination and laziness, Divya’s workshop completely blew that myth away. I realised that I was neither lazy, bored or unmotivated. It was something completely different and knowing it was like a powerful bulb suddenly lighting up to show you the way forward. The new perspective & tools gave me a boost that made me steadily devote more and more time to writing with confidence and enthusiasm. I was delighted to notice that the workshop was also positively impacting other areas of my life. Divya brings a lot of positive energy to the workshop & provides a range of short but powerful tools, formulas & techniques to deal with every obstacle. This workshop is a sure shot way to rid yourself of procrastination, demotivation and emerge with a new-found storehouse of energy and clarity on the way to move forward full steam.

Suresh Nair


When I reached out to Divya, I was at this turning point in my life where I had to make major life decisions and I felt totally stuck. I had been apprehensive about reaching out for help but that changed because Divya provided me with the non-judgmental safe space that I needed, while maintaining a high level of confidentiality. What really helped me turn things around was the holistic approach to mental and physical health. She helped me become clear about what I truly wanted. We then set time bound tangible goals and made a plan for moving forward. This along with the regular reflective sessions, helped me to visualise the results, stay motivated and finally led to my achieving the goals.

From not wanting to step out of home or meet others, to today residing in a different country, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living the life I wanted to, I have come a long way! But my biggest take away is beyond that. Through this coaching I have built the emotional strength to overcome stress and respond well to unfavourable situations, and I want to thank Divya for helping me get here!


Masters Student

My association with Divya over the last 6 months has been very enriching. The intervention she provided to me was very structured and powerful at the same time. The maturity she brings on the table while handling sensitive topics is something which amazed me. Her inputs always stayed with me and still do.. She made the entire experience of evolving very much organic and the perspectives with which I operate today are really meaningful. I would like to thank Divya for helping me become a better version of myself. I would recommend her clients to trust yourself in her hands and allow yourself to come along.

Savitha Pillai

Head Of Performance & Rewards

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